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Reproofing your llama blanket

llama blanket Waterproof Winter Llama / Alpaca Blanket

This llama blanket is waterproof and warm. The outer shell is a tough durable fabric with a polyurethane coating, making this fabric flexible, waterproof, and lightweight. It is extremely abrasion resistant (similar to backpacks and duffle bags).  The insulation is polyester batting that has been quilted to a high thread count nylon. One of the wonderful features of this type of batting is that if it does get wet, the water will quickly drain out, leaving your llama warm and dry.

Standard Colors include is Navy Blue, Red, Purple, Forest Green, and Burgundy. Available in FIVE sizes - Small alpacas to large llamas.  If you need a size smaller or larger, let me know!

For a small additional cost, you may select your own custom color:  Teal,  Black, Royal Blue. If you require a color not specified, let me know and I will search other suppliers for specific color. For color samples click here.   If you need a special custom size, contact us.

A new feature I have added to the blankets this year, is reflective tape. Two pieces on the back makes it easy to spot your llama in the dark. (very popular with those that have one). Llama Safety Any unnatural items left on your llama (ex: halters, collars, packs, blankets) creates the potential for accidents. Your llama may get hung up on trees, fences, or entangled in the item itself. On rare occasions, llamas have been known to hurt themselves and even choke to death.

Please be careful when leaving anything on your unattended llama. Check the area for exposed nails, branches they can get hung on, and fences they can get their heads stuck in. You can never be too careful.

Blanket considerations: Velcro is used to close the blanket across the chest. This is for safety. In case they do get it caught on something it will come loose and avoid a choking hazard. Also, when leaving the blanket on your llama overnight, remember that your llama sleeps by putting his head stretched out on the ground. Be sure to leave the Velcro fastening loose enough so they can comfortable put their head on the ground without the blanket putting pressure on their breathing tube.

Cleaning your blanket: Before washing your blanket, Snap buckles together, and attach Velcro. Machine wash cold gentle cycle and hang to dry. (Do not use bleach)


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