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Starting with one llama in 2000, I got "the llama bug". I now have 9 llamas, including two rescues. I love taking my llamas out in public and showing them in performance classes. Cart Driving has also become a passion.

I started making blankets because I had cold llamas. I love to sew and it seemed natural to create a solution to my problem. I enjoy shearing my llamas and getting "creative" in my cuts. Joxser has been my main "canvas" for experiments. For the last two years, his naked cut included a checker-board pattern across his rump and shoulders. And because I've often done rather severe cuts late in the summer, my llamas have depended on me to help them stay warm when the weather has suddenly turned cold. So, I started making blankets. And when I had a sick rescue that didn't have the energy to even stay warm on a nice summer day, I again, had to come up with a blanket solution. With my previous experience with horses and a horse that had to be blanketed all winter, I came up with my "cold llama" solution. Friends thought it would be a good idea to have a warm blanket ...just in case. Some have arthritic llamas and need a little extra warmth during the winter months. Some have older llamas that just don't have the energy to stay sufficiently warm during those cold spells. You never know when you'll need one. Llamas get sick, old, arthritic, and just sometimes need a little extra warmth.

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