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Reproofing your llama blanket

Custom Llama Blankets

Maybe you don't want the llama winter blanket in the fabric or lining I've chosen. Maybe you want something different. That's possible too. Email or call me and let's discuss your needs. There are many fabrics and options available. Below are examples of a few variety of custom blankets I've made. Maybe they'll inspire you to come up with your own unique blanket.

MW Blue Dreams is modeling the Standard Navy Blue Ripstop Waterproof winter blanket. It's lined with quilted Qualofill. llama blanket
Custom Hot Pink Angel Wings is flanked by her owner Teisha. Angel is sporting her new Hot pink blanket. This blanket is a lighter weight cordura then the standard blanket. It's lined with purple quilted Qualofill batting for warmth and edged in bright yellow trim and purple girth straps. Wow! Can't miss her! It's bright!
Be careful during hunting season. You don't want your llama out wondering the woods in this camouflage blanket. This is Captain Navarre. His blanket is a heavy canvas with quilted Qualofill for warmth. It's not waterproof, but is great if your llama knows how to stay out of the rain. Camouflage Captain Navarre
PurpleKing Purple is for Royalty! King is showing off this purple waterproof blanket.

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