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Reproofing your llama blanket


Over time, with use and repeated washings, your blanket may begin to lose its waterproof ability.  You can "reproof" your blanket using a product from Nikwax called Tent and Gear Proof.  It's specifically formulated for reproofing polyurethane coated fabric like the Cordura 500 used as the outer fabric of your llama blanket.

Before treating, clean your blanket (wash in gentle cycle in washing machine, or use wet sponge to clean blanket surface).  Treat by applying Nikwax Tent and Gear Proof while the fabric is still damp, spray or apply with a brush generously and evenly on the outer side of your blanket. Check carefully to make sure no areas of the fabric have been missed. Wipe up runs with a damp cloth. Allow to soak into cloth for 5 minutes and then wipe all excess (drips, runs, puddles) away with a damp cloth. (Note: Failure to do so may leave a white residue) You may apply a second coat if needed. Allow the first coat to dry before applying the second, rewet the fabric before applying so that it is damp to the touch. Maintain after treating by sponging it off with a solution of Nikwax Tech Wash and water.

Where can you purchase Nikwax Products?
REI and most outdoor equipment and gear type of stores carry this product. 
Or, you may visit Nikwax's website  (www.nikwax-usa.com) to order online or search for a distributor near you.

If you have any questions, please contact Kate Otey at koembroidery@gmail.com or by phone: (360) 658-0353.

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